Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Debra Oselett - Familiar with Peachtree/Sage Accounting Software

As a professional practice administrator for a rising private practice in Oakland County, Michigan, Debra Oselett is familiar with many different kinds of accounting software, including both QuickBooks and Peachtree/Sage Accounting. Oselett ran an accounting business in Oakland County for ten years before shifting to the healthcare industry. She took her skills in balancing budgets and creating opportunities for growth with her in 2008 when she started working for the local private practice. Oselett attended several Peachtree/Sage Accounting seminars to get the skills and experience she needed to run the system in her new position.

Debra Oselett wanted to learn how to adequately use Peachtree/Sage Accounting software so that she could better assist the private practice she joined as practice administrator in 2008. Peachtree/Sage Accounting used to be known only as Peachtree Accounting when it was first released in the United States in 1977. The software was originally designed to work on Macintosh computers, and was included in the first launch of the IBM personal computer. Management Science America acquired the company in 1981. The company reached its peak in 1984, the year when the magazine InfoWorld reported that Peachtree was the seventh-largest microcomputer software company, with $21.7 million in sales the year before. Debra Oselett made sure to make use of this reliable software throughout her career as a practice administrator and accountant.

Debra Oselett has always had a way with accounting software and computers. Her skills and training using Peachtree/Sage Accounting have opened the door for many more opportunities to take over more responsibilities in her work over the years and helped her advance her career.