Sunday, 31 January 2016

Debra Oselett - Working as a Practice Administrator

Debra Oselett has been extensively trained in accounting and office management. When she took over as practice administrator for a local private medical practice in Rochester Hills in 2008, she quickly found that, while her skills as an accountant and a manager were necessary to do the job, she had to learn new skills, those she would need to help the private practice constantly adapt to the changes in the healthcare industry happening all around her. Oselett attended accounting school at Oakland Community College, formed her own accounting company in 1998, and shifted careers to help a local private practice continue to provide essential healthcare services to the Rochester area.

Debra Oselett came to work for the local practice with a bevy of experience and skills relating to managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, and working with insurance companies to settle bills and manage expenses. What she didn’t anticipate, at least when she first moved to Oakland County, and working in this capacity, was how much the industry would change. Healthcare insurance revisions forced Debra Oselett and her staff to reconsider how doctors are credentialed with insurance companies, eventually leading her to create a new policy with regards to credentialing. This is one of the many changes she felt she had to implement to keep the practice running as new healthcare policies came down on them.

Debra Oselett has found many solutions to help her employers adapt to a new climate in healthcare in the United States. She also works closely with her staff to ensure that everyone knows the latest news in the industry and how it will affect them all.