Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Debra Oselett - Three Common Challenges of Contemporary Practice Administrators

Medical facility administrators, from those running hospitals to those running smaller private practices, like longtime professional Debra Oselett, are faced with a new set of challenges, those they didn’t haven’t had to deal with before as part of the medical industry in the United States. Oselett has helped her practice adapt to the changing medical industry by working to overcome the following three challenges and more every day:
  • Improve efficiency and patient care with technology. Debra Oselett looks for ways to upgrade her practice’s facilities at all times. She has to be very careful about which technologies to invest in, however, because the most sophisticated technology in the world won’t necessarily improve patient experience, care, and efficiency of the facility as a whole. Oselett has to ask herself how a new investment would greatly improve patient care quickly,
  • Manage Medicaid and Medicare. President Barack Obama changed the way that the healthcare industry works with his massive overhaul of the healthcare insurance industry. Debra Oselett and administrators like her have been rushing to adapt to the new changes and the many challenges that millions of people with new healthcare insurance pose to their facilities.
  • Compete for talent. Many young people looking for careers have heard about the healthcare industry’s need to talented individuals, and have flooded educational institutions of all kinds to get the education they need for these jobs. The key for administrators of medical facilities today is to attract the best talent they can find to compete with other facilities over the long-term.
Debra Oselett has worked to meet these challenges head-on with her staff and the medical professionals working at her private practice.