Friday, 29 April 2016

Debra Oselett - The Changes Medical Practices Currently Face

Debra Oselett started working as the practice administrator of a private medical facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan in 2008. She founded her own accounting firm after completing her studies in accounting at Oakland Community College and worked to help small businesses maintain their records. Debra Oselett is experienced in using both Peachtree/Sage, and QuickBooks accounting software. Here are some important changes medical practices are currently facing.

Preparing for the Future

In the last few years, there have been several changes in the healthcare sector in the United States. As the country’s baby boomers come of age, the pressure has fallen on the hospitals to meet the ever-growing demand. At the same time, while working hard to meet the demand of the population, hospitals are facing challenges in how they are paid. Compensations are moving from a fee-for-service system to a system that is based on results and quality of care provided by the hospital. With patient satisfaction playing a crucial role in the way medical practices are paid, practice administrators are making it a top priority to ensure patients are fully satisfied.

To cater for their patients, hospitals are going all out to ensure they create an environment that attracts more clients. With studies showing that more women than men make healthcare decisions in the family, one hospital recently built an 18,000 square foot center with spa-like robes and atmosphere to attract more clients. Another children’s hospital has built a huge facility that includes an all-grade school for inpatients, play areas, and therapeutic gardens.

This puts a huge responsibility on practice administrators to find ways to make the practice a success. Debra Oselett constantly sits down with key players in the practice to discuss upcoming improvements to the medical practice.